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The Path of Ariosto

The Path of Ariosto, dedicated to the poet Ludovico Ariosto, and known to locals as the path of love, is an easy walking path that connects the town of Castelnuovo Garfagnana to the Fortress of Mont'Alfonso.
It develops itself such as a ring near the Ariostesca Rock: then it continues on Farini Street up to the bridge of Turrite Secca and here it is indicated by the C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club) with white and red drawings and signs.
After the pavement along Azzi Street, turn on a nice dirt road which passes the old washing public of Carbonaia and then go on to the small medieval village of Torrite, where archaeological excavations of ancient baths are well worth a short detour.
Crossed the village, the path begins the ascent of the hill, it meets the rural houses of Pasquigliora and goes on into the woods of oak and chestnut trees until you reach Mont'Alfonso, related to Porta Sud. To reach the main entrance, line the walls up to Porta Nord, which keeps one of the eight watchtowers built along the perimeter of the walls and Este emblem.
After the visit inside the Fortress,  the path continues on the old access road leading back, through Debbia Street, in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. In this section, you'll find a "mestaina", a small votive chapel, an ancient place of prayer for travellers.
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