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Traditional Cooking

Next to the riches of his own ancient heritage, Garfagnana is characterized by a different cooking that is traditional in its origin.
This is mainly due to the type of agricultural-mountain economy that is reflected in a typical simple cooking, genuine and substantial, because in the past the rhythm of life didn't allow to prepare elaborate dishes.
So in Garfagnana we find mountain taste such as mushrooms, chestnuts, sausages, game, cheese alternating with peasant dishes such as, for example, farro soup, porridge of corn, vegetable soups and fish specialities from the mountain streams.
But there are some products that have become a symbol of Garfagnana culinary tradition: farro and chestnut flour.
In Garfagnana cooking, the farro, an economic resource from the past, is widely used and it was recently rediscovered throughout Italy for its health-giving properties.
The "neccio" flour, however, comes from the chestnuts and the area of Garfagnana, between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine, is very rich.
Polenta with tomato sauce with olives
Vegetable soup
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