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The Fortress of Mont’Alfonso is a monument of exceptional interest in reason of the great quantity of medieval and post-medieval stoneworks and of the possibility of studying the evolution of building methods in this part of the Garfagnana area. There are traces of the old medieval village, where the fortress was built, and traces of works dating back to the 19th century.

Studies gave us information about three parts of the fortress: the foundry, the old San Pantaleone church and the area between the two bastions Baluardo del Soccorso and Baluardo del Belvedere.

The study on the foundry has been particularly important, because testimonies of the making of cannons are extremely rare.

Concerning San Pantaleone church, which was destroyed during the 19th century, there are only the foundations and the brick flooring, but the excavations in the church brought to light many tombs.

Further studies will be carried out and this area will be a permanent archaeological area in order to know more about the old settlement “Monti”, which was founded before the construction of the fortress and then included into the fortress area. Finally, studies on the area between the two bastions Baluardo del Soccorso and Baluardo del Belvedere were carried out. In the 16th century, the Baluardo del Soccorso (Bastion of Aid), was so called because of its function of first aid for citizens. Historical sources gave us more information about it and the excavations showed how the different parts of the complex, which are partially preserved, were used.

Archaeological excavation in Mont'Alfonso
Archaeological excavation in Mont'Alfonso
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