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Activities & Sports

Garfagnana offers its visitors the opportunity to choose from a variety of sports and dedicate relaxing hours immersed in the landscapes of these places. More than four hundred paths can be travelled by hikers and trekkers , from beginner to expert. Garfagnana is in fact one of the most popular destinations for hikers from all over the world. Some trails in the area are designed for mountain bikers who will travel miles surrounded by beautiful landscapes . A lot of tourist centres of the Garfagnana organize horse riding excursions for their guests and provide assistance and shelter for these quadrupeds. The mountains of this fascinating area offer the opportunity to do paragliding for all levels, while the presence of several lakes in Garfagnana allow fishing enthusiasts to take advantage of different leisure activities. Skiers can not miss a visit to the ski lifts of the Garfagnana at Passo delle Radici and at San Pellegrino in Alpe and those of the nearby Abetone ski resort.
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