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The Fortress of Mont'Alfonso, for centuries the centre of the history and Garfagnana's local traditions, became a place of excellence for the discovery of the intangible heritage of traditions and customs that still characterize the whole territory: a visit to the Popular Traditions Centre in Mont'Alfonso provides a great opportunity to approach this huge wealth of yesterday and today rediscovering all its charm.
Among the popular traditions valued at the Centre and strongly felt by the population there is the "May dramatic," a form of outdoor popular theatre inspired in large part to the "chanson de geste" that every year, during the summer, is put on by local companies creating an evocative exhibition.
The winter period is instead animated by Christmas great traditions: in Gorfigliano, the districts of the village will compete in the preparation of bonfire, so-called "natalecci" and those that emit the higher flames win the competition.
Epiphany, strongly felt, is celebrated on the eve: every village has its own traditional Epiphany song and, during the day, dressed up children go begging from house to house singing.
The evening, men dress up as old women and they bring gifts to children.
During Easter, past traditions come back to animate many towns: Holy Thursday in Castiglione di Garfagnana, in its streets, you can observe the de'Crocioni Procession; a person, who has received or requested a grace, impersonates Christ carrying the cross completely covered by a tunic not to be recognized. Vagli di Sopra, too, is holding the "Tragedy of Vagli" an interesting sacred representation of the Passion of Christ.
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